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Welcome to Hawalli ELT Supervision Official Blog and Website.

Dear Teachers,

            We build up this website because we really care about you and, in turn, you care about dear learners. That’s why Hawalli ELT Supervisors headed and supported by ELT Senior Supervisor, Mrs. Mona Al-Jasmi, do their best to come up with this effort to support teachers and learners and to always keep in touch. It’s our duty towards learners to find every possible means to raise their standards and this comes as a result of inspiring teachers, facilitating their work and satisfying their needs.

            Our success depends on how well we define and live by each of two important concepts: our vision and mission. Actually our vision and mission are considered an extension to the vision and mission of ELT General Supervision, which are derived from the Strategy of General Education in the State of Kuwait.

Vision of ELT General Supervision:   

            It is the aspiration of ELT General Supervision to create learners with diverse, positive and constructive attitudes towards themselves and their society. To achieve such target, learners should be equipped with a sense of creativity in both their studies and future careers. Such goals could only be achieved through developing learners’ abilities to take care of themselves, to be able to communicate with others appropriately and take the right decisions whenever necessary.

Mission of ELT General Supervision:

            ELT General Supervision is the channel that bonds the administrative and the technical bodies together, and provides both with the most accurate data and information, either positive or negative, in the course of pursuing, watching and supervising over the functions in the field directly, as well as measuring, assessing and evaluating. Our mission is addressed to learners, personnel (teachers, supervisors and administrative personnel), curriculum, methods, activities, assessment and evaluation.


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