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مذكرات الوظائف الإشرافية رئيس قسم 2019-2020

مذكرات الوظائف الإشرافية موجه فني 2019-2020

Active Learning Training Course Oct.2017

Differentiated Instruction Workshop By Jessica Cinco Nov 2019


The British Council Workshops presented by Peter Lucantoni (2012-2013):

Activities for Developing Speaking Skills

Classroom Management

Integrating Skills

Vocabulary Games for Primary Level


Helping Arab Learners to Get it Right

Young Learners Thinking Skills


Second ELT FORUM Workshops 2015-2016

Approaches To Classroom Investigation In Teaching

By ELT Supervisor Mr Redha Sheha

Kagan Cooperative Learning

By ELT Supervisor Mrs Germeen Gendia & HOD Ms Mariam Al Najjar

Student Centered Learning

By ELT Supervisor Mr Emad Halawa

Marginal Teachers

By ELT Supervisor Mr Ahmed Khaleel & Mr Khaled Ali & Mr Ayman Abdul Fatah

CORT (Part 1)  CORT Examples (Part 2)

By ELT Supervisor Mr Ali Al Ali and Ms Abeer Khankan

Gamification in Education

By ELT Supervisor Mrs Eman Ashoor & Ms Miriam Mondcar

21st Century Teacher

By ELT Supervisor Abdul Aziz Karaja & Mr Malik Assaf 

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