Hello secondary stage teachers !!

Download the following uploads…

To all teachers and heads of departments, these are all the files you should have regarding forms, distribution of marks and syllabus and many more.

 Click links to download …


New 2022-2033

Distribution of Syllabus Grade 10 2nd Term 2022-2023

Distribution of Syllabus Grade 11 2nd Term 2022-2023

Distribution of Syllabus Grade 12 2nd Term 2022-2023

Distribution of Syllabus 1st Term All Grades 2022-2023

Distribution of Marks All Grades 2022-2023

New 2021-2022

Progress Sheet Secondary Stage

Secondary Stage Stats Excel Sheet

End of Year Secondary Stats

الخطة العلاجية الاسترشادية و الاجرائية للفاقد التعليمي لمادة اللغة الانجليزية

Distribution of Marks Sec 2nd Term

Distribution of Syllabus First Termfinger down2

Grade 10 Syllabus

Grade 11 Syllabus

Grade 12 Syllabus

Distribution of Marks 2022-Modified


New 2020-2021

2nd Term Distribution 2020-2021


New 2019-2020

Modified Statistics Forms 2019-2020

Distribution of Marks Sec 2019-2020

Distribution of Syllabus Sec 2019-2020

نشرة مسابقة مشاريع اللغة الإنجليزية



Distribution of Syllabus 2018-2019

نماذج تحليل الاختبار التشخيصي للصف العاشر

Reading Comprehension Suggested Questions G10

Summary Making Sample Exercises

SB and WB Writing Adaptation Samples All Grades

Distribution of Marks Secondary 2018-2019 Modified

Distribution of Marks – Journalism 2018-2019

Descriptive Writing Workshop PDF-Jabriya Sec School

Descriptive Writing Workshop Presentation-Jabriya Sec School

Essay Writing Tasks – Salahedeen Sec School

Argumentative Writing Workshop-Alrejeib Sec School

نموذج تحليل الضعاف للمرحلة الثانوية

Secondary Stage Unit Plans & Writing Adaptation Files 2019-Mubarak



نموذج زيارات الموجه الفني ورئيس القسم



نشرة مسابقة السكرابل

Scrabble Rules

ملف إحصائيات الفصل الدراسي الأول

Mock Exam G10

Mock Exam G11

Mock Exam G12

End of Year Statistics File Grades 10 To 12

End of Year Statistics Journalism

ملف إحصائيات الفترة الثانية وآخر العام



خطة التوجيه الفني العام لمعالجة نقاط الضعف في المرحلة الثانوية

Click the link Interactive exercises for all grades…


ألية تطبيق التدريبات التفاعلية

The Official Guide to the TOEFL iBT

Top Tips for IELTS Academic

Exercises for the Aptitude Test

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  1. Hesham Mohammed says:

    Thanks For the great efforts . We do appreciate your deeds.


  2. Al Bakry Al Sayed says:

    thanks for your sincere efforts which are highly appreciated . Al bakry Al sayed


  3. rony says:

    Thanks For the great efforts . We do appreciate your deeds.


  4. rawana191 says:

    thanks a lot


  5. Words of thanx r not enough ………… all the best.


  6. Woeds of thanks are not enough !!!!


  7. Words of thanks are not enough !!


  8. Al bakry Al Sayed says:

    Your work is really great , I appreciate such fruitful efforts . Thank you sir . Al Bakry Al Sayed .


  9. Enayat says:

    God bless you for all what offer for all the English teachers.


  10. Yasser says:

    Thanks for sincere efforts exerted only for sake of Allah. You supply the teachers under ur supervision and and other areas. I recommend our colleagues all over Kuwait to surf ur site as it meets people’s needs. Yasser Dessuki


  11. Al bakry Al Sayed says:

    I wish all the best for you Mr. Reda . Words of gratitude won’t reward you , but I hope Allah blesses you and rewards you for your sincere efforts . Thank you sir . Al Bakry.


  12. Mustafa says:

    Really great efforts are those the steps you made to make such a faciity so beneficial.May Allah reward you well for that.


  13. Abeer Farag says:

    Thanks alot for your sincere efforts.


  14. hananelt says:

    Thanks for the great effort
    Will you please post the new distribution of marks for grade 10 & 11
    the one that we recieved recently with the changes in the comprehention & summary types of Questions and distribution . Highly appreciated


  15. 66583747 says:

    thanks a lot


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